United Kingdom


  • REPORT Recovery after nuclear attack ?

    The Greater London Area War Risk Study (GLAWARS)
    Report of Task 9 (Editor)
    GLC & the Polytechnic of the South Bank, London
    J Lewis Jollans, Richard Moody, Francois Nectoux, John Pomeroy
  • Vulnerability to a Natural Hazard: Geomorphic, Technological and Social Change at Chiswell, Dorset – some implications for policy formulation

    Ekistics: the problems and science of human settlements
    Special Issue on Natural Hazards and Human Settlements Disasters 2 51/309. Athens.
  • Change, and vulnerability to natural hazard: Chiswell, Dorset

    The Environmentalist 3 / 4
    Elsevier Sequoia Geneva. An additional unpublished 2012 version, based upon the 1983 text which is unchanged, has been developed by the addition of images, captions, dimension conversions and minor amendments. Photo images are by the author.

  • Vulnerability to a natural hazard: Geomorphic, technological and social change at Chiswell, Dorset

    Natural Hazards Research Working Papers 37
    University of Colorado