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  • BIBLIOGRAPHY References on Cyclone Shelters in Bangladesh (dual-purpose design, construction, integration and management)

    Newsletter European Network of Bangladesh Studies Issue No 9
    pp20-31 April.
    University of Bath
  • REPORT: Evaluation: Post-flood Rehabilitation II Project (North Western Bangladesh) and Mid-term Review: Primary Schools cum Cyclone Shelter Project (South Eastern Bangladesh)

    Combined mission; field visits from Dhaka, inclusive of Bogra, Chokeria, Cox’s Bazaar, Kutubdia, Noakhali, Rajshahi and Sandwip
    European Commission DG1
    Datum International
  • Reconstruction, development and disaster reduction:The provision of cyclone shelters in coastal Bangladesh. A case for Integrated coastal zone management?

    Case Study
    Centre for Tropical Coastal Zone Management Studies, University of Newcastle
  • Earthquakes and War in Algeria

    Stop Disasters No 21 IDNDR Secretariat Geneva & The Environmentalist 14/3
    UNHabitat / UNEP Continuum from Relief to Development
  • Volcanoes and War in Papua New Guinea

    Stop Disasters No 21
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  • Disasters, conflict and recovery: What kind of development for sustainability and vulnerability reduction?

    Reconstruction After Disaster: The State of the Art
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  • Vulnerability reduction, Survival and Sustainability: What kind of Development ?

    Seminar: Civil Strife and Relief: Within the Context of the Continuum from Relief to Development
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  • Building for Global Warming: Design for climate change

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  • REPORT Cyclone Shelter Project, Bangladesh: Preparatory Study

    Preparation of Terms of Reference:
    Field mission to Dhaka, Kutubdia, Chokeria, Patuakhali and Kalapari
    European Commission/World Bank IDA
    Datum International
  • REPORT: Primary Schools cum Cyclone Shelters, Bangladesh: Preliminary Study (site assessments, design and construction criteria, design proposals)

    Field mission: Dhaka, Moheshkhali and Kutubdia
    European Commission, Brussels
    Datum International