Tuvalu: The Maneaba


  • Continuum or Contiguum? Development for survival and vulnerability reduction

    Paper presented: Session VI: Disaster and Development - a vital connection
    5th ESA Conference Helsinki September
  • How does the bolt get into the concrete ? Fixing in the frame; from Bauhaus to Bangladesh

    DOCOMOMO Journal 23
    pp43-50 August
    Delft University of Technology
  • Marshfield earthquakes and other hazards

    All Around Marshfield. October.
  • The UK Overseas Territories and natural disaster occurrence

  • Cyclone-resistant domestic construction in Bangladesh

    Implementing Hazard-resistant Housing
    (pp 29-38)
    Proceedings of the First International Housing and Hazards Workshop, Dhaka, 1996, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)/Housing & Hazards Group, University of Exeter
    (with Malcolm P Chisholm), Hodgson, R L P; Salek, M S; Choudhury, J R: Eds
  • Development in Disaster-prone Places: Studies in Vulnerability

    IT Publications, London
    Electronic format forthcoming (Practical Action March 2013)

    Includes five case studies of vulnerability description and analysis:

    • Volcano in Tonga
    • Some perspectives on natural disaster vulnerability in Tonga
    • A multi-hazard history of Antigua
    • Vulnerability to a cyclone: Damage distribution in Sri Lanka
    • Change, and vulnerability to a natural hazard: Chiswell, Dorset.
  • Water for toilets and drinking in cyclone shelters: Bangladesh Cyclone Shelter Preparatory Project

    Paper 9 in Lessons Learned from NGO Experiences in the Water and Sanitation Sector
    WELL (Water & Environmental Health in Developing Countries) University of Loughborough
    Smout, Ian; Parry-Jones, Sarah: Eds
  • Three Caribbean Volcanoes: Island history, geography and vulnerability

    Stop Disasters 32/11
    IDNDR Secretariat Geneva
  • Development, vulnerability and disaster reduction: Bangladesh cyclone shelter projects and their implications

    Chapter 4 in Reconstruction After Disaster: Issues and Practices
    Awotona, Adenrele: Ed. Ashgate
  • Some eruptions over Montserrat

    The Guardian Letters 28 August