Press subjugation and perceived corruption in sixteen selected earthquake-prone countries

“Earthquakes don’t kill people but collapsing buildings do”. Corrupt practises in construction are a cause of earthquake destruction of buildings and the consequent deaths of inhabitants, users and neighbours. This chart illustrates a close correlation in some earthquake-prone countries between high corruption and high press subjugation.

An independent media is essential for the successful eradication of corruption: “Corruption thrives in secrecy and withers in the light” and consequent public shaming of its perpetrators will cause corrupt practises to diminish. Investigative journalism exposes corrupt behaviour and supports people themselves in taking responsibility against the actions of their politicians. This cannot happen without a free press which is why corrupt governments will seek to control the media in their countries.

Lowest rates of corruption are in countries with low media control, as exemplified by the USA and Japan. Not all countries with high media control have correspondingly high corruption but the highest rates of corruption do occur in countries with highest control over their media, as shown by Tajikistan, Russia and Pakistan.

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Datum International